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Truck Dock Ramp | America’s Ultimate Dock Ramp

Lots-a-Ramps designed an original truck dock ramp that utilizes space, drives productivity, and increases safety.  Additionally, Lots-a-Ramps products are manufactured in the U.S.A. Lots-a-Ramps leads the industry in custom fabrication and has mastered America’s ultimate ramp.  This innovative, one-cylinder hydraulic ramp requires less pressure to raise.  Benefits include:

  • Ease of Operation – A conveniently located pump allows for easy operation, storage, and maintenance
  • Quicker raise times – Position up to two and a half times quicker than a standard ramp.
  • Limited wear and tear – Rotation takes place on the redesigned positioning sleeve instead of the ramp connection.  As a result, wear on the ramp structure decreases.
  • Excellent stability – A centrally located cylinder altars the center of gravity, reducing the chance of tipping.
  • Solid-filled pneumatic tires – Dominate rugged terrain and reduce the chance of punctures or air pressure issues.

truck dock ramp

Key Features | Truck Dock Ramp

As a result of complicated loading dock applications, Lots-a-Ramps created a ramp unlike any other.  Through years of experience, Lots-a-Ramps has successfully simplified loading and unloading tasks. For high-performance and increased safety, Lots-a-Ramps truck dock ramps are expertly engineered.  Check out the key features highlights below!

8-Foot Level Off

Forklifts have easy access onto truck loading ramps with an 8-foot level off feature.  Additionally, providing excellent stability especially on mobile ramps.

15-Inch Lip 

Sitting securely on the platform, a 15-inch lip ensures the ramp doesn’t pull away.  Mobile ramps feature safety chains as well.

Hydraulic Pump

Compared to competitors, a single-acting hydraulic hand pump uses less effort to raise the ramp.  Additionally, the pump has been relocated for easy use and maintenance.  In addition, the new location protects against dirt, debris, and damage.

Deck Grating 

High-strength steel grating bars are standard on all Lots-a-Ramps ramps.  Engineered for durability, spaced bars let snow, rain, and other debris to fall through.  Also, serrated grating provides a high-traction running surface in all weather.

Low End Plate

A low end plate allows the front driving wheels to reach high-traction grating.  Meanwhile, rear wheels remain in contact with the ground.

Safety Curbs

Preventing accidental runoff, 7-inch curbs are standard on all Lots-a-Ramps ramps.

Smooth Side Plates

A standard feature, smooth side plates enclose all working components and protect them from possible damage caused by other machinery.


An optional feature on steel and aluminum mobile ramps, the towbar attaches to the lower end of the ramp.  A towbar allows the ramp to be conveniently moved short distances within your facility.

The Benefits of  a Truck Dock Ramp

Ground-to-truck ramps conveniently allow ground level access to semi-trucks. Lots-a-Ramps ramps ensure for maximum safety and productivity.  Truck dock ramps were engineered with industrial use in mind.  Based on material handling requirements, ramps are available in aluminum or steel bases.

Quickly and easily transform an open yard space into a portable loading dock.  Lots-a-Ramps ramps are a safe, efficient solution to load and unload materials.  Forklifts can easily access freight in the back of a truck.  Lots-a-Ramps provides financing for ramp purchase and rental options, ensuring the most cost-effective solution to increase capabilities and production.

A Step Above the Competition

Lots-a-Ramps ramps surpass the abilities of many competitors.  Plus, Lots-a-Ramps products are proudly made in the USA.  Check out how Lots-a-Ramps ramps stack up against standard ramps in the video below.