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Dock Railboards

Lots-a-Ramps railboards are designed to connect your dock with a railcar. Our unique railboard design features a rugged under-brace which fits your loading requirements for safe and positive positioning. Each rail board is specifically engineered and designed to meet the dimensions and specifications for each dock site. Several design applications are available including rectangular, flared, refrigerator car, car to car and plug door cars. Our non-slip high strength plate decking ensures additional safety while using our rail boards.

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Lots-a-Ramps Dock Railboards


  • Standard capacities up to 40,000 lbs. (larger capacities also available)
  • Rugged all welded steel construction.
  • Heavy understructure for safety and durability.
  • Drop through lift loops or lift chains standard.
  • Available in rectangular or flared.
  • Heavy understructure spans the gap and locks ramp into place with 8″ automatic ring adjustments (14″ max adjustment).
Lots-a-Ramps Dock Railboard Lift Loops

Lift Loops

  • Come standard on all rail boards.
  • Spaced on 24″ centers.
  • Located 24″ from approach end of rail board to accommodate different fork sizes.
Lots-a-Ramps Dock Railboard with Lift Chains

Lift Chains (optional)

  • Available in 1 or 2 piece.
  • Center hooks disconnect during use.
  • Secured to the curb.
  • Available on all rail boards