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Wheel Chocks

Prevent your Trailer from Moving While Loading

Our extra strong one-piece constructed wheel chocks prevent trailer movement during loading. Made of cast aluminum, the proprietary design holds chock firmly in place, maximizing safety during the loading and unloading process by preventing dangerous trailer movement. The chock snugs under the tire contour for maximum holding and prevents accidental movement from fork truck jolts and vehicle brake failure. Chocks should be positioned up on hard surfaces or down for ice or soft ground conditions.


  • 10.5” high, 9.25” long, 6.5” wide
  • 8 pounds
  • Standard unpainted or optional yellow
  • Complies with OSHA standards

Safety Accessories

  • Safety Sign: Designed for wall mounting. Reminds drivers to chock vehicle wheels.
  • Storage Bracket and chain: Provides a means to conveniently hang wheel chocks onto a wall.
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