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Lots-a-Ramps shipping container ramps are designed to optimize space, improve productivity, and ensure safety.  Leading the industry in custom steel fabrication, Lots-a-Ramps mastered America’s ultimate ramp. The innovative, one-cylinder shipping container ramp utilizes less pressure to raise the ramp.  In comparison to traditional yard ramps that use two-cylinder hydraulic systems, this change results in:

  • User-Friendliness – The pump, located on the outside of the container ramp frame, allows for convenient access.
  • Faster lift times – Create desired positioning of the ramp up to two and a half times faster than a standard ramp.
  • Less wear and tear – Rotation takes place on the redesigned positioning sleeve versus the ramp connection.  In turn, decreasing wear on the ramp structure.
  • Greater stability – Centrally located cylinder reduces the likelihood of tipping.
  • Solid-filled pneumatic tires – Dominate rugged terrain and reduce the chance of punctures or air pressure issues.

Shipping Container Loading Equipment | Lots-a-Ramps Yard Ramp

With years of experience and an exceptional history of success, Lots-a-ramps’s objective is to simplify shipping container loading and unloading tasks with increased safety, efficiency, and productivity.  Therefore, Lots-a-Ramps engineered a shipping container ramp, serving as a container unloading platform unlike any other.

How to Unload a Container Safely with Lots-a-Ramps Container Ramp

Copperloy shipping container ramps are expertly engineered with the highest level of safety and performance.  Key safety features make unloading containers a breeze.

  • 8-Foot Level Off – An 8-foot level off feature gives forklifts easy access onto containers and loading platforms.  Particularly on mobile ramps, this feature provides excelled stability.
  • 15-Inch Lip –  A 15-inch lip securely sits on the platform.  Mobile ramps feature safety chains.  These benefits are designed to ensure the ramp doesn’t pull away.
  • Hydraulic Pump – In comparison to competitors, a single-acting hydraulic hand pump requires minimal effort to lift.  Additionally, the pump is placed in a new location for easy maintenance and to protect against dirt, debris, and damage.
  • Deck Grating  – Engineered for durability, high-strength steel grating bars are standard on all Lots-a-Ramps ramps.  Spaced bars allow snow, rain, and other debris to fall through.  A serrated grating is part of the ramp’s design, ensuring a high-traction running surface in all weather.
  • Low End Plate – A low end plate shorter than the wheelbase of most forklifts is designed to enable front drive wheels to reach high-traction grating.  Meanwhile, rear wheels are still in contact with the ground.
  • Safety Curbs – 7-inch curbs, standard on all Lots-a-Ramps ramps, help prevent accidental runoff.

Shipping Container Ramp | A Step Above the Competition

All Lots-a-Ramps ramps, including forklift ramps for containers, outweigh the capacities of many competitors.  Additionally, Lots-a-Ramps products are proudly manufactured in the USA.  Watch the video below to discover how Lots-a-ramps’s ramps measure up to standard ramps.