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Lots-a-Ramps designed a space-efficient semi truck ramp, also known as a tractor trailer ramp, that pushes productivity and improves safety!  Additionally, Lots-a-Ramps products are made in the U.S.A. Leading the industry in custom fabrication, Lots-a-Ramps has mastered America’s ultimate ramp. 

These ground-to-truck ramps provide grade level access to semi-truck beds. Semi-trailer ramps were crafted with industrial use in mind.  Lots-a-Ramps ramps are available in aluminum or steel.

Transform an open yard or space into a portable loading dock with Lots-a-ramps.  Our ramps are safe and efficient. Forklifts can easily enter the back of a semi to unload materials.  Plus, Lots-a-Ramps provides financing options for ramp purchase.  To top it all off, rental and certified pre-owned ramps are also available!

semi truck ramp

Benefits | Semi-Truck Ramp

Lots-a-Ramps ramps are full of benefits.  Most noteworthy,  the ramp operates off of a single-hydraulic system.  Meaning, lift times are up to two and a half times quicker than standard, two-cylinder hydraulic systems!  Additional benefits include: 

  • Ease of Operation – Conveniently located, the pump is stored away from damage and debris.  Operation and maintenance are a breeze with the relocated pump design!
  • Limited wear and tear – Rotate the ramp on a redesigned positioning sleeve. Traditionally, rotation takes place at the ramp connection.  Instead, rotation at the positioning sleeve decreases wear and tear.
  • Superior stability – Lots-a-Ramps greatly reduces the chance of tipping with a centrally located cylinder!  Therefore, altering the center of gravity and providing excelled stability.
  • Maintenance-free tires – 18″ solid filled, pneumatic tires don’t require any air! Dominate rugged terrain without the worry of punctures or air pressure.  Additionally, Lots-a-Ramps pneumatic tires come with lubricated-for-life bearings!


steel truck ramps Lots-a-ramps®

Specifications of Steel Semi Truck Ramps

  • Length: Up to 36′
  • Height: Range from 38″-65″
  • Width: 70″ or 84″
  • Capacity: 16,000-35,000 pounds
  • Ask about custom specifications!
aluminuml truck ramps Lots-a-ramps®

Specifications of Aluminum Semi Ramps

  • Length: Up to 36′
  • Height: Range from 38″-65″
  • Width: 70″ or 84″
  • Capacity: 16,000-25,000 pounds
  • Ask about custom specifications!
truck ramps Lots-a-ramps®

Standard Tractor Trailer Ramp Features

  • 7″ safety curbs to prevent accidents
  • Steel grating for all-weather traction
  • One-cylinder hydraulic pump for a quick rise time
  • Positioning sleeve to maneuver 180 degrees into proper position
  • 15″ lip to prevent the ramp from pulling away
  • Standard, 8′ level off for stability and easy operation. A custom 10′ level off is available! Simply contact Lots-a-ramps.

Tractor Trailer Ramps | Lots-a-Ramps v. The Competition

Want to see how Lots-a-Ramps measures up to the competition?  Check it out in the video below.