Portable Truck Ramps And Effective Loading Solutions
Copperloy Yard Ramps | Portable Forklift Ramps

How to Move Portable Truck Ramps

Mobility is one of the key features that make Lots-a-Ramps ramps an industry-leading choice.  Whether it’s split ramps or the famous Yard Ramp, we design a lot of Lots-a-Ramps equipment to be portable.  Yard ramps provide ground-level access to higher points such as trucks or docks.  So you know that our ramps are portable, but do you know how to move portable truck ramps?

Yard Ramps | How to Move Portable Truck Ramps

Consider Lots-a-Ramps yard ramps to be America’s ultimate ramp!  Yard ramps are available in two bases: steel and aluminum.  Custom product specifications and design features are readily available. Consult a member of the Lots-a-Ramps team for more details! Many signature features include a single-acting hydraulic pump.  As a result, the ramp rises up to 2-1/2 times faster than competitor’s.  Our ramps can be bought new, pre-owned, or even as a rental!

The purpose of these ramps is to simplify loading tasks.   For example, create a loading facility where no permanent one exists without the hassle of construction.  Yard ramps provide ground-to-truck, ground-to-dock, or dock-to-ground access.  Our wide selection of weight capacities and custom specs support forklifts and loading trucks, making it quick and easy to unload the freight.  The best part? They’re mobile! Conveniently reposition or transport these ramps across the facility.  Here’s how!

The Positioning Sleeve

How to Move Portable Truck Ramps | Positioning Sleeve

A positioning sleeve allows the ramp to maneuver 180 degrees.  As a result, the ability to quickly rearrange reduces loading/unloading time while increasing productivity.

The process is simple.  A forklift slides its fork into the positioning sleeve which allows the operator to position the ramp into the proper place.  Traditionally, rotation takes place at the ramp connection. Instead, the sleeve features a redesign that decreases the wear and tear on the structure.

Though this is extremely convenient for quick adjustments, do not use the sleeve for long-distance towing. When relocating the ramp to another location, use the tow bar.

The Tow BarHow to Move a Portable Truck Ramp | Tow Bar

The tow bar is an optional add-on for both steel and aluminum ramps.  Because of the versatility it allows, it is a feature that we recommend taking advantage of.  With a tow bar, the yard ramp can be moved around facilities, warehouses, job sites, or whatever the purpose.

Tow Bars are attached to the lower end of the yard ramp.  Then, hook up and tow across the facility or other short distances.  Be sure to tow at safe speeds, not exceeding 5 mph.

How to Move Twin Lock AKA Split Ramps

The design of twin lock ramps, also known as split ramps, support handling heavy loads.  Conveniently space ramps apart for automotive loading or lock together for manual loading! When spaced, the standard width is 19″.  Meaning, the locked-width is 38″.  Split ramps feature a 15-degree grade angle, 3″ safety curbs, a 12″ lip, and shark tooth decking.  Last, but not least, these ramps are made of aluminum.  Because of this, they are light but mighty!  In order to move, simply lift these ramps and reposition.  Grab a friend to ensure minimal strain on the back and safe transportation.

How to Move Portable Truck Ramps | Twin Lock Ramps

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