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Custom-Designed Fixtures, Tooling & Equipment Fabrication

Are you in the need of fixtures and tooling designed to your exact specifications? JH Industry offers custom equipment fabrication solutions that are not just completed on time, but that are built in keeping with our company’s commitment to quality.

Commitment to Quality in Equipment Fabrication

With a state of the art manufacturing facility complete with CNC and robotic technology, our staff of designers, engineers, certified welders and machinists have the vision to design and fabricate fixtures and tooling of all shapes and sizes. Every step of our steel equipment fabrication process is kept in-house, meaning that each custom fixture and tooling project is closely monitored and the integrity of the finished piece is preserved.

  • Full-service design and build of your fixture and tooling requirements, includes projects of various sizes and shapes
  • Cutting, burning, welding, machining and painting of all fabrications done under one roof, allowing us to meet your timeline
  • From initial design through production, we work closely with you, ensuring that your precise specifications are met during equipment fabrication.

For custom fixtures, a Yard Ramp , and tooling backed by JH Industries commitment to quality, contact us today for details.

custom fixtures and tooling
custom fixtures and tooling